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Product Overview
The ExSensorTM technology was developed for long term real time downhole monitoring of pressure and temperature in high temperature wells (i.e. SAGD). We refer to this as Extended Sensor technology, as there are no active electronics downhole. The downhole sensor comprises of a RTD for the temperature measurement, and a proprietary silicon on insulator piezo-resistive pressure sensor. These sensors are contained in a fully welded pressure housing. A multi-conductor tube wire is used to connect the ExSensor with active electronics at surface. This connection utilizes proven metal to metal seal technology. The ExSensor is available in pressure ranges from 750 psi to 20,000 psi.

Spartek Systems developed the idea for this technology in mid 2006. Clients were requesting an alternative technology to vibrating wire pressure sensor, and the lack of long term success with current fiber optic sensor technology.  In March of 2007 we began discussion with one of our key clients to commercialize this technology. Our first tools were ready for commercial field testing in mid 2007.  The initial tools were targeted for SAGD wells with a maximum temperature of 200°C.  The results of the initial field tests were positive, but the initial sensors used (high temperature silicon on silicon piezo-resistive pressure sensor), did have higher leakage currents at these temperatures.  During this period we were being pushed to develop similar technology that would be viable for temperature in excess of 260°C.  Working with one of our key vendors, we did develop a sensor that would work at temperatures up to 230°C.  This is the silicon on insulator piezo-resistive sensor we are currently using.  Long term testing of this sensor has shown excellent results at temperatures up to 200°C. However, above this temperature the MTTF decreases.  At 230°C the expected life is only about 500 hours.  These issues have been identified.

Today we offer the ExSensor for temperature up to 200°C. We are currently developing similar technology for temperatures up to 260°C, but this is still under development.

Features and Application
  • SAGD pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Utilizes industry proven proprietary piezo-resistive sensor technology
  • No “active” electronics required downhole
  • Pressure Ranges 750 psi to 20,000 psi.
  • High Resolution, .005% of Full Scale
  • High Accuracy, .03% of Full Scale
  • Long Term Reliability

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