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Spartek Systems
#1 Thevenaz Industrial Trail
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Canada T4S 2J6
Tel: +1 403 887-2443
Fax: +1 403 887-4050
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About Spartek Systems
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  • Providing our Customers with Best in Class Technology

  • Global Support

    Regional Sales and Support
    Canada, USA
    Latin America
    Middle East, North Africa
    Europe, Africa, Russia
    Asia Pacific, China

    Calibration and Repair
    Sylvan Lake, Alberta
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Ciudad Ojeda, Edo. Zulia, VZ
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Client Support

    - Repairs and Calibrations
    - Spare Parts and Consumables
    - Rental Fleet
    - Technical Support
    - Training
    - 24/7 Support

  • Intelligent Ballistic Triggers

    TCP, Coiled Tubing, or Slickline Initiation
    - Casing Peforating, Tubing Punching/Cutting
    - Plug/Packer Setting, Downhole Sampling
    Intelligent Failsafe Safety Features
    - Mechanical Pressure and Temperature Switch
    - Programmable Pressure Pulse and/or Acceleration Initiation
    Cost Effective Triggering Device
    - Integrated Monitoring Sensors (P, T, and ACCEL)
    - Replaceable Electronics Cartridge Inserts

  • Production Logging

    - Surface Readout (SRO) and Memory Operations
    - 15,000 psi and 177°C Operating Range
    - Available in 1.00", 1 3/8", and 1 11/16" O.D.
    - Non-Radioactive Density Measurement
    - Bi-Directional High Speed Digital Communications
    - Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Casing Inspection Tool

    Internal and External Corrosion (metal loss)
    High Resolution Full Radial Coverage
    - 80 to 160 Circumferential Sensors
    - 200 samples per second (.125 inch @ 120 ft/min)
    - 0.25 in (6.4 mm) for an isolated pit
    - 20% penetration
    SRO and Memory Mode Operations
    15,000 psi and 150°C Operating Range
    Casing Range 4 1/2 inch to 9 5/8 inch
    Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Multi-Finger Caliper

    - Internal Tubing and Casing Inspection
    - Verifying Well Construction
    - Mapping Perforation
    - Identifying Casing Drilling Damage
    - 15,000 psi and 175°C Operating Range
    - Available in 1 11/16", 2 3/4", and 4" O.D.
    - 24/40/60 Arms
    - Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Segmented Cement Bond Tool

    - Evaluation of Cement Bond Quality and Integrity
    - Location of Free-Pipe and Cement-Top
    - 360° Cement Map
    - 25,000 psi and 204°C Operating Range
    - Available in 1 11/16", 2 3/4", and 3 1/2" O.D.
    - 8 Radial Segmented Receivers (2 foot)
    - Far Omni Receiver (5 foot)
    - Near Omni Receiver (3 foot)
    - Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Electronic Memory Recorders

    - Surface and Downhole Systems
    - HPHT up to 30,000 psi and 200°C
    - Sapphire or Quartz Pressure
    - Fast Response Temperature
    - Memory and SRO Operations
    - Low Power
    - Large Memory Capacity
    - Real Time Redundant Memory

  • Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool

    - Eliminates Wellbore Storage Effect
    - Simultaneous Multi-Zone Testing
    - Interference Tests
    - Modular Configuration
    - Programmable Multiple Open and Close Cycles
    - High Temperature Operations
    - Sour Service Available

  • PDHM Systems

    SPSROTM Technology
    - Side Pocket Wireline Retrievable Gauge
    - Patented Inductive Coupler
    Multi-Drop Sapphire and Quartz
    - 32 Sensors on Single Conductor
    - Bi-Directional Communications
    EX-Sensor Technology
    - High Temperature >200°C
    - SAGD Monitoring Applications
    Accessories: WHO, Splice, Splitters


Our Mission

Spartek Systems strives to aggressively research and develop state of the art technologies to enhance our customers ability to evaluate, monitor, and exploit oil and gas assets.

To ensure customer satisfaction by providing outstanding technical support and high quality products at competitive prices.

About Spartek Systems

Founded in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, Spartek Systems has over 100 employees worldwide. Our goal is to provide the industry with cost effective solutions to solving reservoir problems. The Spartek team is dedicated to providing their best efforts to ensure a safe working environment, delivering high quality products with a goal of zero defects, and providing outstanding customer technical support.

Sylvan Lake is our center for Research and Development, and Manufacturing. Our key staff has over 120 years of industry experience in developing and deploying subsurface and surface equipment. We employ the latest technologies in the design and development of our products. Our development process begins with understanding our customer's requirements and continues with outstanding technical support throughout the life of the product

Presently Spartek Systems offers a wide range of memory/surface readout pressure/temperature recorders, a complete suite of production logging instrumentation, casing inspection technology, multi-cycle shut in tool, permanent monitoring systems, and a full range of surface and subsurface accessories to meet your measurement needs.

Spartek Systems is an Independent Software Vendor with over 30 years of experience providing the oil and gas industry with highly scalable and dependable software applications. Our key applications are fully supported on Microsoft's latest operating systems. We specialize in building reliable applications using the Microsoft development platform (.NET, C#, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2005). Let us customize an application for you!