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Spartek Systems is the world's leading independent supplier of technology to evaluate, monitor, and exploit oil and gas assets.
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version: 4.2.6

  • Providing our Customers with Best in Class Technology

  • Global Support

    Regional Sales and Support
    Canada, USA
    Latin America
    Middle East, North Africa
    Europe, Africa, Russia
    Asia Pacific, China

    Calibration and Repair
    Sylvan Lake, Alberta
    Houston, Texas
    Ciudad Ojeda, Edo. Zulia, VZ
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Client Support

    - Repairs and Calibrations
    - Spare Parts and Consumables
    - Rental Fleet
    - Technical Support
    - Training
    - 24/7 Support

  • Electronic Firing Heads
    EBW and EFI Initiators

    TCP, Coiled Tubing, or Slickline Initiation
    - Casing Peforating, Tubing Punching/Cutting
    - Plug/Packer Setting, Downhole Sampling
    Intelligent Failsafe Safety Features
    - Mechanical Pressure and Temperature Switch
    - Programmable Pressure Pulse and/or Acceleration Initiation
    Cost Effective Initiation
    - Integrated Monitoring Sensors (P, T, and ACCEL)
    - Replaceable Electronics Cartridge Inserts
    - Expendable EBW and EFI Firesets

  • Production Logging

    - Surface Readout (SRO) and Memory Operations
    - 15,000 psi and 177°C Operating Range
    - Available in 1.00", 1 3/8", and 1 11/16" O.D.
    - Non-Radioactive Density Measurement
    - Bi-Directional High Speed Digital Communications
    - Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Casing Inspection Tool

    Internal and External Corrosion (metal loss)
    High Resolution Full Radial Coverage
    - 80 to 160 Circumferential Sensors
    - 200 samples per second (.125 inch @ 120 ft/min)
    - 0.25 in (6.4 mm) for an isolated pit
    - 20% penetration
    SRO and Memory Mode Operations
    15,000 psi and 150°C Operating Range
    Casing Range 4 1/2 inch to 9 5/8 inch
    Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Multi-Finger Caliper

    - Internal Tubing and Casing Inspection
    - Verifying Well Construction
    - Mapping Perforation
    - Identifying Casing Drilling Damage
    - 15,000 psi and 175°C Operating Range
    - Available in 1 11/16", 2 3/4", and 4" O.D.
    - 24/40/60 Arms
    - Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Segmented Cement Bond Tool

    - Evaluation of Cement Bond Quality and Integrity
    - Location of Free-Pipe and Cement-Top
    - 360° Cement Map
    - 25,000 psi and 204°C Operating Range
    - Available in 1 11/16", 2 3/4", and 3 1/2" O.D.
    - 8 Radial Segmented Receivers (2 foot)
    - Far Omni Receiver (5 foot)
    - Near Omni Receiver (3 foot)
    - Compatible with Warrior (SDS) Logging System

  • Electronic Memory Recorders

    - Surface and Downhole Systems
    - HPHT up to 30,000 psi and 200°C
    - Sapphire or Quartz Pressure
    - Fast Response Temperature
    - Memory and SRO Operations
    - Low Power
    - Large Memory Capacity
    - Real Time Redundant Memory

  • Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool

    - Eliminates Wellbore Storage Effect
    - Simultaneous Multi-Zone Testing
    - Interference Tests
    - Modular Configuration
    - Programmable Multiple Open and Close Cycles
    - High Temperature Operations
    - Sour Service Available

  • PDHM Systems

    SPSROTM Technology
    - Side Pocket Wireline Retrievable Gauge
    - Patented Inductive Coupler
    Multi-Drop Sapphire and Quartz
    - 32 Sensors on Single Conductor
    - Bi-Directional Communications
    EX-Sensor Technology
    - High Temperature >200°C
    - SAGD Monitoring Applications
    Accessories: WHO, Splice, Splitters


Production Logging
Production LoggingThe Production Logging System supports both memory and SRO operating modes. The instrument is available in both 1.00 inch, 1 3/8 inch and 1 11/16 inch diameters. All tools are rated for sour service and for temperature up to 177ºC. more...
HTHP Production LoggingThe HTHP Production Logging System supports both memory and SRO operating modes. The instrument is designed for operation up to 350ºC and 20,000 psi. It is capable of providing both water and gas hold-up up to 220ºC. more...
Multiphase Array Production LoggingThe Multiphase Array Production Logging Tool has been designed to address the deficiencies in the first generation of production logging tools targeted for quantifying multiphase flow in highly deviated or horizontal wells. more...
Electronic Memory Recorders
Electronic Memory RecordersOur Electronic Memory Recorders are available for both surface and downhole operations. Pressure ranges from 750 psi to over 30,000 psi are available. All our gauges are low power, with large memory capacities and designed to run in the harshest oil field environments. more...
Permanent Downhole Monitoring
Permanent Downhole MonitoringWe provide three specialized Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems: SPSRO, Multi-Drop, and EX-Sensor. These systems are designed to meet the different challenges for both offshore, land, and SAGD type monitoring applications. more...
Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool
Multi-Cycle Shut-In ToolThe Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool is a downhole valve designed to eliminate the effects of wellbore storage for both build-up and interference pressure transient analysis. more...
Wellbore Integrity Monitoring
Casing InspectionThe Casing Inspection Tool utilizes Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) to determine both internal and external corrosion of downhole tubulars. 80 to 160 sensors provide high resolution repeatable data for accurate interpretations. more...
Multi-Finger CaliperThe Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC) has 24 to 60 high resolution calipers which measures the internal radii of the wellbore tubing and casing. The MFC can be used to detect casing deformation, bending, fractures, holes, scale deposition, paraffin build-up, and inner wall corrosion with high accuracy. more...
Segmented Bond ToolThe Segmented Cement Bond Tool (SCBT) provides the operator with an accurate and economic means of inspecting the quality of the cement bond to casing and formation. more...
Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring
Spectral Gamma RayThe Spectral Gamma Ray is a high resolution, temperature compensated, downhole digital Pulse Height Spectrum Analyzer. This tool has been designed to measure both naturally occurring radioactive isotopes and common radioactive tracers used for fracture monitoring. more...
Electronic Firing Heads
Quick Change TriggerThe Quick Change Trigger (QCT) is designed to fullfill the need for a cost-effective electronic firing head to initiate all types of explosive and pyrotechnic devices, regardless of the method of deployment. more...
EBW and EFI Firesets
PX-1 FiresetsThe PX-1 and OM-1 Firesets are designed primarily for oilfield applications, the PX-1 generates the high-current pulse needed to inititate EBW and EFI detonators. more...