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SPSRO Wireline Retrievable Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems

Product Overview
Permanent down hole measurement technology is a common component of conventional well completions. Our system consists of one or more down hole sensors used to measure, record, and transmit pressure and temperature data to monitor reservoir performance.

A conventional system includes a quartz pressure sensor, mounted externally onto a port in the tubing wall, for measurement of tubing pressure and annulus temperature. A tubing encapsulated conductor (TEC), is attached to the gauge from the surface, and strapped to the tubing, which powers the gauge and transmits data back to the surface. A surface acquisition unit capable of receiving, storing and forwarding the acquired data completes the system.

The conventional technology gauge carrier has a hydraulic connection through the tubing wall to the externally mounted gauge, with an additional hydraulic connection, connecting the gauge to the TEC from the surface

Spartek’s patented Side Pocket Surface Readout (SPSROTM) system replaces the conventional system’s carrier and offers several exclusive advantages.

Primary Features
  • The down hole instrumentation is wire line retrievable. Minimizes cost associated with recalibration or replacement of the pressure gauge.
  • The gauge is immersed in the produced fluid, measuring tubing pressure and tubing temperature from its position in an off-center side pocket
  • There is no port (or hole) through the tubing wall. Eliminates potential of hydraulic seal failure between tubing and annulus.
  • Testable metal to metal seal is used to connect the TEC to the Inductive Coupler
  • The inductive coupler is used to power the gauge and provide bi-direction digital communications. The inductive coupler has no exposed electrodes or elastomers and is insensitive to wellbore fluids.
  • Surface Data Acquisition unit is capable of acquiring data from multiple gauges on a single TEC.
  • Sample rate controlled from the surface.
  • 2 Gbytes memory for data storage.
  • Optionally powered by solar or wind.
  • Industry proven technology: SPSRO Gauge is installed and retrieved using a wireline deployed ‘kick-over’ tool - same tried and tested technique as for Gas Lift Mandrels
  • All electronics fully burned in and tested (prior to welding).
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Multiple gauges on same TEC (addressable): Up to four SPSRO mandrels can be deployed on one TEC cable
Schematic comparing conventional PDHMS confiuguraiton with SPSRO system
Comparison of SPSRO PDHMS to Conventional System
The SPSRO Quartz gauge sits inside the SPSRO Side Pocket Mandrel.

As and if the gauge needs to be replaced, a simple slickline operation is carried out to remove the old gauge and replace it with a fresh gauge.

In wells with deviaiton greater than 65 degs, up to horizontal, a special kickover tool is available for deployment using a wireline tractor.

In addition to being able to retrieve and install gauges in a horizontal section, it can also be configured to run two tools in tandem, one containing the replacement gauge, one tool empty to retrieve the gauge currently downhole, thus allowing the whole operation to be completed with one run into the well.

The SPSRO system is not just another PDHMS system – it is a change to the well architecture which provides multiple “docking stations” for monitoring instrumentation.

In additon to providing power and communicaiton to the downhole instrumentaiton, the system design allows for retrieval and replacement of the instrumentaiton,. Thus assuring “life of well” data.


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