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Sapphire Pressure Gauge with External Temperature
Product Overview
The SS2100 Pressure/Temperature gauge combines an external fast response platinum wire resistive temperature device (RTD) with Spartek Systems' proprietary high resolution sapphire pressure sensor.

Pressure and temperature are fundamental measurements that are required for both reservoir characterization and wellbore diagnostics. A standard pressure gauge will normally have an internal temperature sensor to automatically compensate the pressure transducer for temperature effects. This sensor will typically provide accurate temperature data, however, the temperature response time is too slow for most applications. As seen in the graph below, the external RTD has a response time ten times faster than the internal temperature sensor found on most gauges. This is primarily due to the amount of mass surrounding the internal sensor.

Utilizing a proprietary sapphire pressure sensor, a fast response external RTD, and the latest in low power data acquisition technology, the SS2100 is ideally suited for both long term monitoring, and wellbore diagnostics applications (cement tops, tubing leaks, channeling, and gas lift valves). The low power electronics and large memory capacity allow the user to collect up to 666,666 data sets (pressure, internal temperature, and external temperature) with a single C cell battery. Depending on sample rates, this could represent surveys from 3 months to 1 year. This performance has been achieved without sacrificing sampling speed or resolution.

Spartek Systems provides all the necessary tools and software to use this technology for both stationary monitoring applications and continuous depth based logging.

Primary Features Applications

  • Fast Temperature Response
  • High Resolution Pressure Sensor
  • Long Battery Life (single "C" cell)
  • 1 sec sampling rate
  • USB / RS232 Data Retrieval
  • Large Memory Capacity (666,666 Data Sets)
  • Easy Setup and Programming
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Compatible with MS Windows Vista/XP/NT/2000
  • Well Testing
  • Monitor Well
  • Performance
  • Completion Diagnostics
  • Well Stimulation
  • Reservoir
  • Characterization
  • Gradient Surveys

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